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Hey everyone!

We’ve already shared with you that our Champion is a non-fungible token (NFT). Owning them means you are the sole owner of this Champion.

You can make them one of a kind by customizing their features, such as attack, defense, agility, HP, stamina or critic based on your game strategy.

One of the most common ways to achieve that is to gain experience points, level up, and receive reward points to update it.

CryptoPunch uses standard BEP-721 to create NFT Token.

The champions are divided in 5 categories of rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary

How can we collect them?

There are two ways of collecting them: Purchasing a Champion Box or Marketplace.

Champion Box

Champion’ rarity and the status points will be randomly chosen. You can see what is the probability of being chosen one of the rarities in the table below.


There will be a p2p marketplace where users can buy and sell the NFTs.

Champions features

Let’s take an overview of the Champions features

  1. Name: The player can choose their Champions’ name.
  2. Status: Status points are generated randomly, respecting the maximum and minimum limits when the player elects a Champion. You can check the max/min values in the section below. Champion’s status can be updated after the player levels up or it can be PoweredUp after a fusion.
  3. License: To be able to fight, the license will be obtained at the fighting club.
  4. Fusion slots (Power Gloves): Increases champion’s status by up to 20%.
  5. Level: For each Champion’s level there is an amount of points that the players receive and distribute to increase their status. The upgrades are limited to 10 points in each feature, which could be the attack, defense, agility…
  6. Gym’s name that the champion has signed in to acquire new skills.
  7. Skills Slots: The Champion will be able to obtain up to 5 skills. Each one will occupy a slot.

Maximum and minimum limits of the Status’ features:


The champion’s attack points define how much damage can be dealt to the enemy’s life.


Defense defines how many % the champion can block the enemy’s attack.

Health (HP)

For each point added to the HP attribute, health increases by 2%


Agility points represent the Champion’s probability of dodging 100% of the enemy’s attack.


The critical points represent the Champion’s probability to increase his attack by 50%

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CryptoPunch is a new play to earn fighting game. Hire, train and equip your NFT Champion, fight for the gold belt and earn $CPUNCH.